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John Trowsdale at the Saul Hey gallery Manchester

About John Trowsdale

Welcome to John's paintings. The artworks you're about to view are all oil paintings, with a personal connection to John. Born April 1962 in northwest England, John's motivation to capture the landscapes and seascapes around the UK and beyond in a contemporary style is from his love of the outdoors. His ability in capturing the moment and mood, comes from over 40 years experience working as a high quality Flexographic printer, where his eye for detail and skill in mixing printing inks has transferred smoothly to mixing artist paint over the last four years. Every colour in his paintings is mixed carefully to the scene in which he creates, and every brush stroke taken with equal care and attention. His methodical approach is a reflection of his personality as an artist. John has exhibited his International award winning work in a number of galleries including D31 Doncaster, Saul Hay Manchester and the Mall Galleries, London. 




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